Ritzwell – リッツウェル –


Excellence and harmonious beauty of Japanese design.
The expression of artisan craftsmanship.

Ritzwell, a Japanese manufacturer of upholstered furniture, has been associated with superior quality materials, the highest level of craftsmanship and research since 1992. The company’s production facility is based in Fukuoka (on the northern coast of Kyushu); it has three showrooms in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, and a worldwide distribution network. Its Italian hub is in Milan.





Technology and craftsmanship coexist at Ritzwell: technology guarantees the best production methods and long-lasting products, while handcrafted finishings are an expression of the artisan skills found in haute couture workshops. As a result, the brand’s appeal continues to grow among architects and interior designers, also because of its vast range of high-end projects for private dwellings and commercial spaces (offices, hotels or the contract sector).

The designers SHINSAKU MIYAMOTO and ATELIER D.Q. have always teamed research into style with research into materials, which are must-haves in products of excellence. At the company-cum-workshop every product is a new, fundamental step in the company mission: to disseminate the aesthetic concept of beauty, in keeping with Japanese tradition, and to deliver a perfect example of design that is all about simple harmony, pure equilibrium and an unmistakable style.


リッツウェルの家具づくりに欠かせないのが素材と形状の研究です。デザイナーの宮本晋作とATELIER D.Q.は常にタッグを組み、この重要なプロセスに取り組んでいます。日本の伝統によって培われた美の概念を広め、調和とバランスを重んじながら、独自のスタイルにこだわった完璧なデザインを実現すること。研究開発を経て生み出されるすべての製品に、そんなリッツウェルの企業としてのミッションが込められています。

Shinsaku Miyamoto / Ritzwell Creative Director, Product Designer

SHINSAKU MIYAMOTO was born in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan, in 1978. Following graduation from Kyushu Sangyo University in architecture, he worked in furniture manufacture in Hida-Takayama, famous as a center of wooden furniture. Travelling to Italy alone at the age of 25, he apprenticed at a classical furniture workshop in Meda, later returning to Japan to begin his own unique furniture design. Now serves as creative officer for Ritzwell, while pioneering new dimensions in design.

Roberto Di Stefano / Art Director of Ritzwell

Roberto Di Stefano was born in Milan in 1981, he graduated in Interior Design (2006) from the Polytechnic of Milan. During the period 2004-2010 he worked for the studio of Piero Lissoni and took care of projects for Tecno SpA, retail projects for the Israeli fashion Designer Elie Tahari, the opening of the Kerakoll Design Gallery in Milan and the renovation of the London offices of Knoll. From February 2010 he has worked with Kerakoll, as Site Manager for installation of Cementoresina® flooring and coverings. As a freelance Interior Architect, his works span the whole gamut of interior design; recently he started teaching Product Design at Istituto Marangoni in Milano.

Ritzwell Head Office